What is the purpose of SpectroMine™?

What is the purpose of SpectroMine™?

SpectroMine is Biognosys’ powerful and versatile software solution for proteomics data acquired in data dependent acquisition (DDA) mode. SpectroMine will assist you with user friendly wizards dedicated to specific workflows for protein identification and quantification. Furthermore, it will allow you to perform analysis review, differential data analysis, report generation and quality control of your experiment.

The software integrates state-of-the art solutions, including full support for the latest ion mobility technologies, and deep learning-enhanced processes that allow high identification rate and analysis speed.

Among other workflows, SpectroMine offers a complete platform for isobaric labeling quantification (ILQ) experiments. The software contains integrated templates for the determination of labeling efficiency and for the quantification of commonly used isobaric tags, like TMT labels (including TMTpro), EASI-tag, and iTRAQ. Predefined templates make the process streamlined and effortless.

Moreover, SpectroMine can search DDA, DIA, or PRM data against a protein database (FASTA file), as well as create spectral libraries out of those searches. In addition, SpectroMine provides the functionality of searching DDA data against a spectral library. This workflow is particularly beneficial for samples characterized by scarcity, for example in single cell proteomics experiments.


To learn more about SpectroMine, or to request a free 30-day software trial, please visit our shop here.

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